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Powering Digital Insurance Distribution

All-in-One Omni-Channel SaaS Distribution, Underwriting and Policy Management Platform

A leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) digital policy sales system enabling automated distribution and servicing for better efficiency and customer experience, to grow your business.

Increase Connectivity and Distribute With Ease

  • Single platform for sales, distribution, underwriting and policy servicing, supporting B2B, B2C and B2B2C.
  • Easily connect to partner platforms such as eCommerce and affiliate partner platforms via API
  • Customers and intermediaries can easily perform self-service transactions to sell and manage policies

Comprehensive Policy Underwriting Across All Channels

  • Automated referral workflow delivers Straight-through Processing for the bulk of policy requests and reroutes complex cases to underwriters for in-depth review
  • Built-in underwriting engine designed to support underwriting of both simple and complex products
  • Extensive validation and calculations are automated based on hundreds of dynamic factors

Robust Operational and Regulatory Compliance

  • Automated referral workflow incorporating checks against business rules, limits and regulatory requirements.
  • Insurers have real-time visibility and control over each policy transacted on the platform.

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Promoting the application of innovation for the Industrial Revolution 4.0 – the strategic direction of Bao Viet Insurance is sustainable development for the prosperity and peace of every customer, and E-Cargo Policy is our latest endeavour to achieve this.

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