Needs Identifier

Personalized Prediction of Financial Needs

Spend Less Time on Data Collection. Increase Insights. Monetize Engagement.

A predictive analytics service for real-time analysis of your customers’ financial needs. Uncover how a financial need rank in relevance against others for each customer.

Combine this Needs Identifier with other Fermion Wealth API services and unleash richer experiences such as straight-through discovery to solutioning within minutes!


No-Code Configuration

Configure macroeconomic assumptions and local population actuarial rates without coding



Get insights about your customer segments and discover the untapped triggers for next-best-action


Iterative Analysis

Allow on-time or progressive iterative analysis, enabling flexible and interactive journeys



Feel free or get our help to integrate for D2C sales, pre-advisory, engagement or intermediated advisory.

Use Cases

Leads Enrichment

Upload your database of leads and trigger the calculation APIs. Download the results within seconds. Receive a percentage relevance per financial need. Personalize your marketing and remarketing for every lead accordingly.

Self-Directed Presales Discovery

Help your customers focus on the top-ranked financial needs they should plan for – because financial gaps calculations jump the gun, cause information overload and confuse them.

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