Hospital Portal Ecosystem (HOPE)

Streamlining Digital Medical Claims Journey

Cloud-based Healthcare Claims Ecosystem Platform

Connecting over 3,000 healthcare providers with insurers and individuals via seamless interaction and data exchange to improve digital medical claims journey.

HOPE embeds modernized security, AI and automation technologies to bring real-time core capabilities and predictive functions to support preventive healthcare, so you can manage claims holistically.

Integrate Seamlessly with Partners

  • Seamless integration between user portals and healthcare providers and insurers’ existing systems via API
  • View data and documents updated by healthcare providers and confirm payments – all in real-time

Improve Predictability of Reserve and Fraud

  • AI-driven predictive features provide insights on probability of re-hospitalization and further claim for each case
  • Automated claims fraud detection using enriched data analytics

Enhance Customers’ Claims Experience

  • Access customer portals via web or mobile to enquire on benefits, assess coverage and initiate claims online – all in real-time.
  • Faster claims turnaround time and accessibility to real-time information via timely customer engagement ensure a smooth and hassle-free claims experience.

Boost Productivity and Turnaround Time

  • Improve claims processing turnaround time by up to 95%
  • Automated adjudication where decisioning processes are automated based on the rules and criteria you set. This means optimization of claims headcount and no additional resources necessary during peak periods.
  • Automated payment cycles enables faster claims payment
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