Investment Optimizer

Unbiased Advice Engine and Bundling Optimizer

Optimizing Protection and Investments

A computing-intensive advice engine that solves customers’ financial aspirations and protection needs by eliminating the guesswork and maximizing customer value.

Combine the  Investment Optimizer with other Fermion Wealth API services and unleash richer experiences such as facilitating expansive product shelves, enhance intuitive understanding and transparency for a customer and uncover unplanned needs.


Auto-Configure Protection and Investment Advice

Get straight into business by configuring advice for different sales channels, customer segments and products.


Offer Thematic Solutioning

Automate virtual bundling options based on themes such as product nature and motivations, to facilitate desirable business mix objectively.


Train from an Unbiased Slate

Use the insights about your distributors’ preferences as they adjust the optimizer’s suggestions, to train the baseline model.


Advisor in Control

Let your advisors be the final line of defence as they hear the unsaid and make the judgment to deviate with justification.

Use Cases

Self-Directed Pre-Advisory

Cold leads and even existing customers prefer to minimize interaction with advisors, at least until the purchase intent is strong. Give them the personalized and algorithm-driven ideas and privacy and inspire them without undue pressure. Increase case sizes by as much as 23%.

Intermediated Advisory

Many advisors are pressed to make a sale for every advisory session. They low-ball themselves or become pushy. Use the optimizer for the products and take advantage of the inherent bundling capabilities.

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