Financial Satisfaction Forecast

Score Satisfaction with Behavioural Economics

Forecast Scoring Service for Future Financial Satisfaction

Built utilizing the Nobel Prize-winning research on Behavioural Economics, this service scores your customer’s future financial satisfaction based on personalized satisfaction benchmark and is instinctive to understand.

Combine Financial Satisfaction Forecast with other Fermion Wealth API services and unleash richer experiences such as optimized and thematic solutioning suggestions to raise financial satisfaction score.


Personalize the Satisfaction Benchmark

Build a utility function that captures your customer’s unique financial satisfaction drivers such as peace of mind


Multi-Risk Stochastic Simulation

Make scores relevant in real environments by stress-testing your customer’s status quo in 10,000 personal and market risk scenarios


Iterative Analysis

Allow on-time or progressive iterative analysis, enabling flexible and interactive journeys



Feel free or get our help to integrate for D2C sales, pre-advisory, engagement or intermediated advisory.

Use Cases

Highlight the Unplanned Need

Goal-based planning, beginning with self-selection of goals, runs the risk of not knowing the unknown. Risks happen even if unplanned for. Let the stress-tested score reveal the blind spot. Get life-saving insights.

Corporate Solutions / Employee Benefits

Employers want the productivity benefits of financial wellness and the associated emotional stability, but financial ratios and external benchmarks neglect the fact that financial wellbeing is only as good as self-perceived. Score the subjective financial satisfaction objectively. Predict future stress perception.

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