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NTUC Income taps on digital automation to process Workmen Compensation claims with efficiency and compliance, achieving greater customer satisfaction

NTUC Income taps on digital automation to process Workmen Compensation claims with efficiency and compliance, achieving greater customer satisfaction

“At NTUC Income, we pride ourselves in innovation and operational excellence, so that we can deliver excellent service to our customers. We’re proud to partner Merimen to help us achieve our digital vision.”

Lily Lim, Deputy Vice President (ACII).

Corporate Claims, NTUC Income Insurance Co-operative Limited


Key Highlights

Challenge – Transforming manual operations to meet new needs

The current industry-wide Workmen Compensation claims process was manual. Often, it required claims staff to key in dozens of fields for each claim file, manually compute the pay-out amount and type out letters to send to clients.

Solution – Digital platform to enforce a compliant, efficient process

Income onboarded Merimen to achieve greater efficiency and accuracy in claim computation. With Merimen’s eClaims platform, staff can auto-create digital claims from incident reports with a single click. After which, compute pay-outs using inbuilt engines with compliant formulas, generating pre-filled letters with ease. The platform also alerts staff to act on delayed claims, ensuring all claims are processed within a standard timeline.

Results – Increased productivity and enhanced customer experience

Income is now equipped with the digital tools and automation to boost process efficiency and overall productivity, supporting its goal of delivering unparalleled customer experience for every claim.


The Challenge

Complying to stringent regulatory requirements

As one of Singapore’s designated insurers that provides Work Injury Compensation coverage under the Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA 2019), Income is required to adhere to guidelines for policy underwriting and claims processing. Claims processing guidelines are diverse and comprehensive. They define the standard pay-out formulas to use, the template letters for customer and partner correspondence , the timeline to complete processing each claim, and finally, the need to submit regular reports on all claims to the regulator.

This poses a challenge to Income and other designated insurers, who now needs to design their claim operations to be fully compliant to the stipulated guidelines. The existing manual claims process that was common across the industry made it difficult to comply with the guidelines.


The Solution

A Digital Claims Platform with Tools to enforce a compliant process and SOP

Merimen tailormade a new eClaims platform for Work Injury Compensation claims, that digitized each step in the claims process from claim creation to case correspondence and finally, offer computation.

When a new incident report comes in from the regulator, Income’s claim staff can now tap on an A.I. OCR tool to convert it into a new claim, eliminating the tedious and error-prone data entry work previously.

Next, staff can easily generate ready letters and forms from over 30 templates with a single click, with most fields pre-filled from claims data. This ensures that formal communication with customers and partners adheres to the same standard template.

Every offer made can then be computer based on a worksheet with inbuilt formulae and policy limits, and continually updated to reflect regulatory guidelines. The logic covers complex categories from wage computation, medical expenses, incapacity compensation and more.

In the background the claim status for every claim is continually tracked and monitored. If any claim falls behind the mandated service level timeline, alerts are sent to the manager and respective staff for them to take action.

At the end of every day, the latest claim data is automatically compiled into reports and sent to the regulator via APIs.

“The WICA Act and its regulatory requirements made us push the boundaries of innovation. It was inspiring to work with Income and our partner insurers to realise a smart, automated industry platform for WICA claims.”

Celeste Chong, Project Manager | WICA eClaims platform.


The Results

The WICA eClaims platform was launched successfully on 1st January 2021, supporting Income and more than 10 other insurers in Singapore to transact thousands of claims under the new regulatory framework.

100% compliance to regulatory guidelines

Income is now confident in meeting the full regulatory guidelines for every claim. With this base covered, Income can now focus on planning initiatives to boost cost containment and customer engagement.

Increased staff productivity

The automation of menial tasks from OCR automation to auto-submission of regulatory reports allows staff to channel more time and effort on complex tasks and activities.

Faster turnaround time and customer satisfaction

On average, Income reports that the overall turnaround time has decreased by 1-3 days. This means customers get their claims processed and settled faster, achieving an improved customer experience.


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