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MSIG transforms motor claims survey process with Merimen’s Interactive Video Technology

MSIG transforms motor claims survey process with Merimen’s Interactive Video Technology

“MSIG is proud to have pursued this co-innovation opportunity with Merimen and its partners and bring to speed the development of a video interaction technology that will go on to benefit the rest of the industry.”

Jeremy Lian

Senior VP, Technical Services | MSIG Insurance Singapore


Key Highlights

Challenge – Pivoting from an inefficient system

Prior to using a digital solution, the insurer practiced physical motor claims survey which can be costly and time-consuming. Customer experience is also affected when appointments are rescheduled or delayed.

Solution – Developing an innovative solution

To manage its survey resources more efficiently, MSIG co-innovated with Merimen a digital solution. Termed Truesight Interactive Video, the chat tool is integrated with Merimen’s eClaims platform to enable remote survey via a real-time video call. Surveyors can document the vehicle damage and complete a motor claims assessment within minutes.

Results – Becoming the industry innovator

As a result, MSIG reduced its turnaround time for claims assessment and survey cost by 80% and 88% respectively, cementing its status as a pioneering innovator in Singapore’s insurance industry.


The Challenge

Maximizing claim survey efficiency

Traditionally, insurers carried out its motor claim survey physically, with surveyors travelling down to the workshop or vehicle location to assess the damage. Physical survey, however, proves inefficient and costly in the long run.

For the insurer and their surveyors, physical surveys limited their deployment and use of resources. Travelling down to each survey location proved time-consuming and troublesome. In addition, external factors such as traffic jams and adverse weather conditions often delayed the survey procedure, prolonging the entire claim process.

For workshops, the sole dependence on surveyors to carry out surveys was frequently problematic. If surveyors missed the arranged cut-off time or had a full schedule, the survey would have to be rescheduled, often taking another 2 to 4 days. This resulted in not only longer waiting times but also became a challenging issue whenever the claim was for “loss of use” or involved a rental car.

Realizing the need to digitize and innovate the Claim Survey process, MSIG turned to Merimen.


The Solution

Digitising surveys

MSIG and Merimen decided to collaborate with leading technology partners to develop TrueSight Interactive Video (TIV), an industry first Video Interaction Tool for Motor Survey

The solution focused on 3 key factors: Ease of Implementation, Scalability and Comprehensiveness.

With TrueSight Interactive Video, surveyors could launch a video call on their web browser through a simple link. From there, the entire claim assessment could be completed within minutes.

Features such as remote camera control, annotation and geolocation were developed further to cut costs and maximise surveyor’s efficiency. Additionally, the capability to record high-definition images in real time significantly reduced the risk of fraud from remote surveys.

To further streamline the Motor Claims Process, TrueSight Interactive Video was integrated with Merimen’s eClaims platform, allowing all video calls, vehicle photos and chat logs to be automatically documented into the system.


The Results

Enhancing efficiency and cutting costs

With the implementation of TIV, MSIG could manage in house employment of surveys more efficiently and scale easily as the volume of surveys increased.

Since implementation, MSIG has:

  • Improved Survey Efficiency by 80% from an average turnaround time of 2 hours to 20 minutes.
  • Increased Staff Productivity by 100% from an average of 6 surveys to 12 surveys completed a day by one surveyor
  • Achieved significant cost savings of 88% for Motor Claim Surveys completed.
Improved turnaround time and customer satisfaction

Since inception, all MSIG partner workshops have begun using TIV. With the technology, scheduled surveys are conducted punctually and promptly, reducing the time required to authorise vehicle repairs and claims. This has allowed workshops to turnaround vehicle repairs faster, increasing customer satisfaction and experience.


“The use of video technology has digitally enabled our people to engage with our workshops and our customers more efficiently.”

Jeremy Lian

Senior VP, Technical Services | MSIG Insurance Singapore


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