MIC Vietnam Successfully Transforms its Motor Claims Operations using Fermion Merimen’s eClaims Platform

MIC Vietnam Successfully Transforms its Motor Claims Operations using Fermion Merimen’s eClaims Platform

“Digitization is key to achieve leadership in the insurance market. We are proud to work with (Fermion) Merimen as our digital partner, enabling us to offer the guaranteed service to our customers.”

Mr. Phong Nguyen Huu
Claims Head | Military Insurance Joint Stock Corporation (MIC)

Key Highlights

Client Needs

Recognizing an opportunity for growth to enhance its market leadership in motor insurance in Vietnam, MIC sought to implement a best-in-class technology platform and transform its motor claims operations.

The Challenge

MIC identified two factors affecting customer satisfaction in motor insurance – 1) the lack of claims transparency and 2) an inefficient survey process.

The motor claims process can be complex and involves multiple parties. At times, cases may be stuck at various stages – be it under repair at the workshop, being assessed by the surveyor, or pending approval by the insurer. With MIC’s existing process being manual and offline, it was difficult to track the progress of every claim. MIC saw the importance of providing a convenient and transparent view of the claim process for its customers, which was currently lacking in its system.

In addition, in Vietnam, surveyors would travel down to the accident scene to assess the damage onsite. It was challenging to track where surveyors were and to determine which surveyor could be deployed based on proximity to the scene. This led to long waiting time and an inefficient use of surveyor resources.

The Solution

To adopt Fermion Merimen’s digital claims management platform, eClaims which connects all relevant parties in a centralized ecosystem and provides a streamlined end-to-end claims process along with eSurvey solution which facilitates an optimized survey process.


Strategies Implemented

MIC adopted Fermion Merimen’s eClaims platform with eSurvey solution integrated in it within 2 years. Over 1,800 staff across 66 branches in 54 cities & provinces were swiftly onboarded. To achieve a seamless implementation,  Fermion Merimen team ran a ‘Train the Trainers’ program and handheld users during the first 4 weeks.

With all concerned parties in the motor claims value chain transacting digitally via eClaims, claims statuses are now updated in real-time, allowing customers to enjoy a live view of their claims status, either online or via SMS notifications.

“Using (Fermion) Merimen eClaims, our customers can now easily follow up their claims status and the processing time left. This gives customers greater confidence and peace of mind when using MIC services.”

Mr. Phong Nguyen Huu
Claims Head | MIC

With the eSurvey solution, recommendations from smart algorithms enable MIC staff to track surveyors’ GPS location and assign the nearest surveyor to each site. Surveyors were alerted in real-time of their assignment and used their mobile phones to view the location as well as upload photos on the spot. This greatly streamlined the survey process and ultimately differentiated MIC’s services in the market.


The Outcome

  • Claims approved within 24 hours of claim submission – claims processing time improved by up to 220%. MIC attributes this reduction in turnaround time to the digital automation features of eClaims that facilitated a streamlined workflow for staff to process claims efficiently.
  • Enhanced operational management capabilities – with robust data collected through the platform and fed into real-time reports, eClaims enabled MIC to better track and manage Service Level standards for its staff and business partners. MIC is now equipped to monitor and improve every aspect of its operations, from process efficiency and staff productivity to performance of loss adjusters and workshops.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and trust – MIC has reported a rise in customer satisfaction, driven by the introduction of the customer online portal. The added convenience in submitting and viewing claims in real time has brought about greater customer peace of mind and trust.


About MIC

Military Insurance Joint Stock Corporation (MIC) is one of the leading non-life insurance companies in Vietnam. Established in 2007, MIC boasts a strong network presence with 66 member companies, more than 450 sales offices and 4,200 authorized insurance agents nationwide. MIC offers over 160 products and services, providing millions of domestic and foreign customers with security and protection. MIC has consistently been voted a trusted brand by customers and is on track to meet its 2025 goal of being a Top 3 non-life insurance enterprise in Vietnam.

Website: https://www.mic.vn/


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