Success Stories

Leading Japanese Extended Warranty Administrator Successfully Transforms its Claims Process with Fermion Merimen

Leading Japanese Extended Warranty Administrator Successfully Transforms Its Claim Process With Merimen

Leading Japanese Extended Warranty Administrator Successfully Transforms its Claims Process with Fermion Merimen

Key Highlights

Client Needs

A leading Extended Warranty Administrator (EWA) in Japan needed to redesign its customer claims journey and looked to adopt a digital claims process with optimized backend processes, to support its business growth.

The Challenge

As its market share grew in Japan, the EWA faced challenges scaling its current system to cope with the rising volume of claims. It recognized that its main challenge was the absence of an efficient claims management platform, given current systems were unstructured and fragmented, resulting in delayed communication and slow document processing between parties. This slowed down the end-to-end claims process, leading to longer waiting time and poor user experience.

The Solution

The EWA chose to implement Fermion Merimen’s eClaims platform, an innovative and versatile digital claims management platform which connects all parties in a centralized ecosystem and streamlines the entire claims process.


Strategies Implemented

The EWA implemented a digitized and streamlined claims process to replace the unstructured system and manual tasks which made claims management and communication inefficient.

With eClaims, parties such as operations managers and call centres could communicate faster and easier through the centralized platform, leading to greater convenience in processing claims cases.

Automation features such as automated workflows enabled the EWA to manage claims processing efficiently without the need for manual assignments.

The EWA and Merimen are working towards onboarding the entire claim ecosystem onto the eClaims platform in the future. This would create a fully digital ecosystem, connecting all parties involved and leading to a more efficient and comprehensive end-to-end claims process.


The Outcome

  • Time and cost savings – automation of claims processes has saved valuable time, allowing staff to channel focus and effort on complex cases. Based on this, the EWA has reported greater confidence in its ability to manage claims costs.
  • Faster turnaround time and enhanced customer satisfaction – average turnaround time to process a claim has reduced significantly. Thus, customers get their claims settled faster, making for an enhanced customer experience.


About the EWA

The Extended Warranty Administrator (“EWA”) is a leading provider of Extended Warranty solutions in Japan. It serves one of the largest retailers in Japan with more than 1,000 shops, insuring on average 8,000 to 10,000 products a year such as white goods, electrical appliances, and other various machines.