PT Asuransi Harta Reduced Repair Costs and Achieves Direct Parts Procurement Strategy with Fermion Merimen

PT Asuransi Harta Reduces Repair Costs And Achieves Direct Parts Procurement Strategy With Merimen

PT Asuransi Harta Reduced Repair Costs and Achieves Direct Parts Procurement Strategy with Fermion Merimen

“We started this project with a clear goal to achieve quality repairs for customers at a fair price. We are proud to partner Merimen to fulfil the process digitally, and realise our vision.”

Director | PT Asuransi Harta Aman Pratama

Key Highlights

Client Needs

PT Asuransi Harta recognized that the outsourcing of parts to repairers was not sustainable for its business. It decided to transition to a “Direct Parts Procurement” model, directly purchasing parts from suppliers, thus requiring a digital platform to ensure its new model is a success.

The Challenge

For years, repairers acted as parts procurement agents and insurers such as PT Asuransi Harta, were only involved at the end of the supply chain for reimbursement purposes. This caused a number of issues, such as:

  • Lack of transparency with regards to the purchase price and legitimacy of the parts origination, which led to customer dissatisfaction and complaints.
  • The sole reliance on repairers for the parts meant delays, impacting insurers’ ability to serve their claimants.

When PT Asuransi Harta first embarked on its “Direct Parts Procurement” model, it attempted to manually contact suppliers and compare part prices – this proved cumbersome and time consuming.

The Solution

PT Asuransi Harta sought Fermion Merimen’s eSource platform to implement their new strategy. The platform enables easy comparison of quotations from multiple suppliers to ensure fair pricing before parts are procured.


Strategies Implemented

PT Asuransi Harta implemented the eSource platform within 6 months, bringing onboard hundreds of parts suppliers to procure parts for thousands of car repairs each month.

The eSource platform enabled PT Asuransi Harta to easily obtain and compare multiple quotes, identify the most suitable supplier and immediately create electronic purchase orders. Price and quality transparency issue was addressed.

PT Asuransi Harta was also able to monitor multiple orders with ease, given the complete end-to-end platform that integrated seamlessly with its claims process. This allows PT Asuransi harta to keep an eye on every step of the process, from assessment of repair estimates to direct quotes and order completion.


The Outcome

  • With a secure platform to procure parts in a transparent and efficient manner, PT Asuransi was able to guarantee customers with good quality parts at fair prices. This ensured better repair standards and greater vehicle safety for its customers.
  • As the first insurer to procure automobile parts directly, PT Asuransi Harta distinguished itself as a competitive player in the motor insurance industry and continues to be looked upon as a leading innovator.
  • Since PT Asuransi Harta pioneered the practice in Indonesia in 2008, over the years this model has evolved into the standard market practice, being adopted by over 50% of insurers in Indonesia today.


About PT Asuransi Harta

Asuransi Harta Aman Pratama was established in 1982. The company is engaged in general insurance business, primarily automobile insurance. Being more than thirty years in the industry, its operational network currently covers several marketing offices and branches across Indonesia, including those in Jakarta, Semarang, Solo, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, etc.



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