Fermion Merimen Transforms Tokio Marine’s Vietnam Platform for Post-Pandemic Retail Distribution

Fermion Merimen Transforms Tokio Marine’s Vietnam Platform for Post-Pandemic Retail Distribution

Key Highlights

Client Needs

To redesign and reshape travel insurance for Tokio Marine Insurance Vietnam (“TMIV”) by adopting a digital-first approach amidst the opening of government borders in Vietnam. The solution would need to be implemented in the system within 2 months to meet the increasing demands of COVID-19 travel insurance.

The Challenge

As an insurance company operating in Vietnam, TMIV needed a digital-first approach to provide travel insurance post-pandemic that was fuss-free and easy to access for their travel needs – both locally and globally. It was pertinent that the solution does not disrupt its existing business model but rather amplifies its products as well as having it integrated with its retail website, Fermion Merimen’s back-end core system and TMIV’s underwriting eTravel engine. This operation had a short runway and it needed to coincide with the launch of the ANA Airlines travelling programme, whereby their international flight schedule resumes as soon as the restrictions on international borders are lifted.

The Solution

To implement an efficient travel policy distribution platform which integrates with existing business model and systems to enable a seamless and straightforward approach to travelling post-pandemic while other stakeholders look to implement policies to strengthen processes post-pandemic.


Strategies Implemented

TMIV successfully launched Fermion Merimen’s ePolicy platforms within 2 months in 2019.

With ePolicy, TMIV implemented a digital-first approach for travel protection, especially useful with destinations that require travel insurance upon entry.

Met with a 2-month deadline, the processes were divided into shorter phases. In each phase, Fermion Merimen analyzed and performed penetration testing concurrently, with specific objectives to be fulfilled in each phase.


The Outcome

  • Flexibility in selling travel insurance – TMIV is now able to sell travel insurance via both traditional and digital agents. Traditional agents without digital portal are able to utilize the agent module integrated within the ePolicy platform to sell travel insurance, while digital agents are provided with APIs for them to connect.


About Tokio Marine Insurance Vietnam

The Tokio Marine Insurance Vietnam Group is the first foreign-invested non-life insurer in Vietnam established since 1996. They are proud to have the DNA of two leading insurance groups in Japan and Vietnam – Tokio Marine Insurance Group and Bao Viet Holdings. Their portfolio of clientele includes thousands of foreign and domestic clients in Vietnam and they offer various non-life insurance solutions and services of Japan Quality.

Website: https://www.tokiomarine.com.vn/

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