Allianz Indonesia’s Claims Platform by Fermion Merimen Wins Best Claims System in Indonesia

Allianz Indonesia’s Claims Platform by Fermion Merimen Wins Best Claims System in Indonesia

“Winning the Best Claims System award in Indonesia validated our commitment to ensuring our customers’ claims experience are nothing short of excellent. A solid and reliable system such as our eClaims platform (built by our strategic partner, Fermion Merimen)  has helped us achieve this through faster, more efficient and more robust claims processing.”

Ignatius Hendrawan – Chief Technical Officer
PT Asuransi Allianz Utama Indonesia

Key Highlights

Client Needs

As part of Allianz Indonesia commitment to continuously enhance its overall customer experience and improve productivity, it was looking to digitalize its entire claims process for both motor and non-motor classes.

The Challenge
  • To constantly evolve and improve claims processes and ensuring full digitalization.
  • To save cost through more efficient operations i.e. faster processing with less manpower/resources.
The Solution

Allianz Indonesia sought the expertise of its long-term strategic partner Fermion Merimen, to achieve full digitalization of its end-to-end claims process via its eClaims platform starting in 2008.

It implemented features and capabilities such as:

  • Customer portal to enable customer notification of claims status and for self-check.
  • Fraud checklist to detect potential fraudulent cases
  • Interactive video for damage survey which reduced number of onsite surveys – this remote survey capabilities is being used for approximately 30-40% of cases today.
  • Integration with its other systems to enable data to be shared seamlessly across platforms.
  • Adjuster & investigator module to enable adjusters to provide progress and final report on claims adjustments.
  • Straight-Through Processing rules to enable claims to be approved within minutes if and when it meets all pre-set built-in rules, with no human intervention.

“We are committed to ensuring that our customers receive excellent service at every touchpoint, from the point of sale to their claims experience. Digitalization of our entire claims process on Fermion Merimen’s eClaims platform has helped us achieve this.”

Ignatius Hendrawan – Chief Technical Officer
PT Asuransi Allianz Utama Indonesia


Strategies Implemented

True to the commitment to continuous improvement:

  • Fermion Merimen regularly shared new features with Allianz which the Company proactively analyses to determine suitable use case for the particular feature.
  • Allianz’ regional office provided new and updated standards to guide both Allianz Indonesia and Fermion Merimen to further enhance the existing system.
  • Allianz implemented the capabilities across all its motor and non-motor business lines including travel, property, marine cargo and extended warranty.
  • The claims platform is maintained as a single source of truth as all information required for a claims case flows through this platform. For example, where previously the progress report and final report for a property claim would have been communicated via emails, it is now done via the adjuster module and adjuster performance can be monitored.



  • Awarded the Best Claims Systems in Indonesia in 2021 Warta Ekonomi.
  • Faster claims approval – from 3-5 days to 1 day (or 1-5 mins if via STP)
  • More efficient claims processing – from weeks (due to manual operations) to 1 day (for non-complex cases)
  • Reduced manpower costs given digitalization and more efficient processing e.g. with the use of interactive video


About the Client

Allianz began its business operations in Indonesia in 1981 with the opening of its corporate office and by 1989, PT Asuransi Allianz Utama Indonesia was established to provide general insurance. The company subsequently entered the life, health and pension business with the establishment of PT Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia in 1996.

By November 2023, Allianz Life spin off their Syariah business to become Allianz Life Syariah.

Today, Allianz Indonesia has over 1,000 employees and more than 40,000 agents, supported by a network of banking partners and other distribution partners to serve more than 10 million insured in Indonesia.



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