Powering Financial Technology

The lines between the banking, financial and insurance industries are increasingly blurred. The demand for a more interconnected insurance ecosystem grows every day. Stepping up to meet this need is Fermion, builders of end-to-end insurance ecosystems and Asia’s #1 Insurance Software-as-a-Service provider.

Combined with the track record of Silverlake Axis Group, the extensive footprint of the Merimen’s claims platform, the customer engagement experience of Cyber Village and the insurance distribution platform of Ancileo, Fermion is set to innovate and transform the insurance ecosystem, truly revolutionizing the business.

A part of Silverlake Axis Group

Fermion is a member of the Silverlake Axis family, a leading player in financial services technology with more than 370 customers in 80 countries, with recent innovations including a cloud native, fully digital, unified, open platform for banking.

Our Journey


  1. Partnership with One of Top 5 General Insurers in Singapore to Launch AI-driven Fraud Intelligence Tool
  2. Introduced AI into Claims Processing with Largest Insurer in Vietnam


  1. Fermion Expands into Travel Ecosystem via Stake in Insurtech Ancileo
  2. Launch Fermion Brand


  1. Consolidation of Silverlake Axis Group’s Insurtech Assets under Fermion Insurtech Group
  2. TrueSight AI Platform Signs 50 corporates in One Year
  3. Launch Employee Wellness and Benefits SaaS Platform


  1. Successful Rollout of SaaS Claims Platform for Largest Insurer in Vietnam
  2. Develop Digital Marine e-Cargo Policy Platform for Largest Insurer in Vietnam
  3. Launch 1st Peer-to-Peer Takaful Platform in ASEAN
  4. Launch Digital Financial Ecosystem Platform for Hajj Community
  5. Establish UAE office and sign with local insurer to spearhead expansion to cover MENA region


  1. Awarded Service Provider of the Year at the Asia Insurance Review Industry Awards
  2. Successful Rollout of SaaS Sales Platform to Majority of Car Dealerships in Hong Kong
  3. Sign One of the Largest Foreign Insurers in Japan for Comprehensive Property Insurance


  1. Awarded IBM Asia Pacific Excellence Award in the New Age Partner
  2. Launch TrueSight Interactive Video for Instant Remote Claims Surveying


  1. Launch Healthcare Ecosystem Platform for Health Insurance Digital Claims
  2. Launch TrueSight Analytics on SaaS Platform


  1. Establish local offices in Philippines, Vietnam & Hong Kong and sign with:
    – Top 2 Largest Insurers in the Philippines
    – One of the Top 5 Non-Life Insurers in Vietnam with Captive Market
    – One of the Leading Local Insurers in Hong Kong
  2. Awarded Top 20 Most Promising SaaS Solutions Provider by APAC CIO Outlook


  1. Establish Thailand office and sign with a Leading Global Insurer Digitizing Motor Claims Ecosystem in Thailand


  1. Silverlake Axis acquires Merimen and Cyber Village

Our People

Peter Miller

Group Chief Executive Officer

Trevor Lok

Chief Fermion Ecosystems
CEO of Merimen

Jean Aw

Chief Operations Officer

Lawrence Yeoh

Chief Solutions Orchestrator

Olivier Michel

Chief Fermion Travel & Lifestyle
CEO of Ancileo

Katherine Leong

Head of Health & Wellness

Bryan Yu

Head of Business Development

Shieh Yee Bing

Chief Digital Officer
CEO of Cyber Village

Directors of Business Operations

Agustinus Eka Budiman
Jittarpon Ongsunthornchai
Bona Grace D. Santiago
Do Ngoc Truong Thien
Takeshi Taniguchi
Fatima Farhat

Our Operations

Our highly-connected offices serve a diverse portfolio of businesses across Asia, MENA, Europe & USA, streamlining the experience of millions of customers.

Fermion business operations and customer locations
Fermion business operations and customer locations
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